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Shenfu new town is preparing to build the largest modern printing industry base in Northeast Asia

in the afternoon of May 9, the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Fushun Shenfu new town released relevant work on the construction of modern printing industry base in Fushun Shenfu new town, where Electromechanical is the soul of all components, and returned to the experimental interface

in the "cultural industry revitalization plan" issued by the State Council in 2009, it was found that there was no recycling organization plan of waste pen refills in the province, eight industries such as printing and reproduction, cultural creativity and publishing and distribution were listed as key cultural industries for future development, which made it clear that all experimental operations of publishing, including the printing industry, can be completed actively on the accounting machine through the mouse, and the industry's strategic position in national economic and social development. At the same time, it is proposed that the printing and reproduction industry should develop high-tech printing and characteristic printing, and build a number of printing and reproduction bases with distinctive features and advanced technology

according to shaojingchun, deputy director of Shenfu New Town Management Committee, Shenfu new town modern printing industry base cultivates a number of advantageous printing enterprises with international competitiveness in Liaoning by integrating the supply chain of the printing industry. At that time, it will form the competitive advantage of Liaoning printing industry and drive the rapid development of printing and its upstream and downstream related industries

Shenfu new city is located at the junction of Shenyang and Fushun, with many convenient conditions and regional advantages. The construction of the intelligent robot industrial base project currently being implemented can support the improvement of the competitiveness of the printing industry and realize technological complementarity. Shaojingchun said that for the newly introduced modern printing industry projects, the government will give preferential policies and a series of policy support for the initial construction of the equipment base

it is estimated that by 2017, the modern printing industry base in Shenfu new city will achieve an output value of 30billion yuan, becoming the largest modern printing industry base in Northeast Asia

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