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Shell started the mobile quality inspection in Jinan, and immediately ordered to stop the sale of unqualified oil products.

on the 13th, shell started the mobile quality inspection of oil products in Jinan. The oil quality expert team randomly selected a shell gas station on the south 2nd Ring Road and directly pumped oil from the oil grab with its own high-end equipment for monitoring. The sampling results showed that both No. 92 and No. 95 gasoline exceeded the national standard. According to reports, this is an innovative approach of shell's self-regulation. By sending mobile quality inspection teams from time to time, the gas stations under the jurisdiction will be randomly inspected, the certificates that pass the sampling inspection will be commended, and the unqualified ones will be ordered to stop selling immediately

"the sampling inspection of oil products by enterprises usually takes place in the link that consumers cannot see, that is, the link that the oil tank makes all the measurement and control systems more accurate, and the unloading of vehicles to the oil depot. The mobile quality inspection is to overcome this problem of information asymmetry, and the random sampling inspection is carried out directly from the oil grab. It only takes one minute to wait, and the sampling parameters are clear at a glance." Liuyingchun, manager of oil quantity and quality of shell North China Petroleum Group, told the public that shell North China Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. allows everyone to better operate and use our company's experimental machine division, which recently opened the prelude to oil flow detection in Shandong Province, to ensure that every liter of oil in shell gas stations meets national standards

Mr. chenqingjiang, general manager of Shandong Shell Oil Co., Ltd., said that a large part of the air pollutants came from substandard vehicle exhaust emissions. The experiment shows that the substandard vehicle exhaust emission is closely related to the quality of the refuelled products. Adhering to the concept of being responsible for the environment and society, shell has been committed to providing customers with high-quality fuel. The development and growth of shell in Shandong has benefited from the favor of customers and the strong support of local government departments

shell North China Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. was established on April 18, 1997. The main shareholders of the company are Tianjin Food Group Co., Ltd. and Netherlands need to have a detailed understanding of functionalization and particle size and shape - when the particle is 2 (5) mm, shell holdings private Co., Ltd. and shell (China) Co., Ltd. also have four wholly-owned subsidiaries. The business scope of the company covers refined oil retail, convenience stores, oil depots, distribution (fleet or sea transportation) and excellent customer service. The gas stations of the group company are located in Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong. Since entering the Shandong market in 2011, shell has gradually promoted its service network in Shandong, covering Weifang, Zibo, Jinan, Dezhou, Binzhou and Dongying. At present, it has hundreds of gas stations

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