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Shell's alleged manipulation of oil prices has been investigated by British regulators

Britain accelerates the development of new materials in the country. The officeoffairtrading said on Monday that it was considering whether to investigate whether there was oil price manipulation in the UK

the UK Office of Fair Trade issued a statement on Monday, saying that they have been in contact with other UK institutions such as the Serious Fraud Office (low load spring serialfraudoffice), the financialconductautauthority, to determine whether there is enough evidence to support the UK authorities to launch a criminal investigation, and to determine which institution is best to take action if an investigation is carried out

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The statement said that the UK Office of fair trade has also been in contact with the europeancommission, but if the same issues are involved, the agency cannot take civil enforcement actions like the European Commission

it is understood that EU investigators searched the offices of British Petroleum (bpplc), Royal Dutch Shell Limited (Royal Dutch drive unit adopts the latest PWM servo system shellplc (rdsb) of Panasonic in Japan), statoilsa in Norway and Platts, a subsidiary of mcgrawhill financialinc., MHP, for evidence of oil price manipulation (dating back to 2002) without prior notice. The above companies said at that time that they would cooperate with the investigation

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