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next, I'll explain Shengfang hardware stampings for you in a hurry | please call, don't miss it! According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, the price was adjusted in a narrow range. The average price of rebar varieties with mainstream specifications in major markets across the country was 4722 yuan per ton, with a week on week ratio basically unchanged. According to the latest inventory data, the overall inventory continues to decline. Shengfang hardware stampings | please call, but the decline is narrowing. In the plate market, prices fell on the whole. The price of hot-rolled coil fell relatively significantly. The average market price of hot-rolled products in the main market in the country with the principle of reducing pulsation was 4154 yuan per ton, down 84 yuan a week. The price of medium and heavy plate fell slightly, and the average price of monofilament surface damaged plate was 4335 yuan per ton, down 38 yuan a week

among the main steel varieties, the inventory of deformed steel bar was 3.2274 million tons, and the repeated jacking decreased by 186000 tons, a decrease of 5.45%; The total inventory of reels was 1.045 million tons, an increase of 21800 tons over the previous period, an increase of 2.13%, the first increase after five consecutive weeks of decline; The inventory of hot rolled coil was 2186700 tons, with a decrease of 102700 tons on a weekly basis, or 4.49%; Cold rolled coil inventory was 1139700 tons, with a decrease of 2600 tons on a weekly basis, or 0.23%; The inventory of medium and heavy plates was 1.213 million tons, a decrease of 12500 tons or 1.10% on a weekly basis. A strong man breaks his wrists and turns danger into opportunity. Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has implemented a comprehensive, systematic and large-scale environmental treatment project, eliminated backward production capacity, demolished some buildings, renovated and paved roads, straightened out power pipes, and afforested and beautified the whole area. An ecological steel city with a factory in the forest and a forest in the factory, with flowers in three seasons and green in four seasons, is presented to the world. The profound changes of Hegang Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. have completely reversed the world's traditional understanding of the "silly big black thick" of the steel industry. It does not require flexible packaging, and requires a multi-purpose tensile testing machine, which only won the reputation of "the world's cleanest steel plant", and set off a "green transformation storm" in the entire steel industry. Now, the concept of green development has given birth to new vitality and vigor in Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Shengfang hardware stamping parts | please call. We believe that stimulating consumption still needs a two pronged approach. While increasing residents' income through the personal income tax reform, we should also start from the price side and promote reduction and exemption, so as to reduce residents' consumption costs and encourage consumption! Demand: downstream real estate, passenger cars, household appliances, textile and clothing all weakened, and cultural and entertainment improved. Steel and cement in the middle reaches are stronger, while chemical industry is weaker. The upstream coal is differentiated and nonferrous metals are stronger. Transportation is OK. Price: in October, the year-on-year increase in house prices in 70 cities expanded, Shengfang hardware stamping parts | please call. Last week, the price of domestic raw materials rose and fell, and the international oil price fell. Inventory: the downstream real estate is removed and the passenger car is replenished. In the middle reaches, the steel and cement are removed, and the chemical industry is replenished

finally, Shengfang hardware stamping parts | please call and pass the above introduction. I believe you have a clear idea; For more information, please check the relevant recommendations provided for you

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