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Shell revealed: due to improper lubrication, 18% of power companies lost more than one million dollars in downtime

shell revealed: due to improper lubrication, 18% of power companies lost more than one million dollars in downtime

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an investigation conducted by Shell lubricants showed that equipment lubrication errors can cause huge losses to power companies. In the past three years, about 60% of the unplanned downtime was attributed to the improper selection or management of lubricating oil. Among them, 26% of the power companies expect the loss caused by downtime to be at least 250000 US dollars, and one fifth (18%) of the power companies say their loss is more than 1million US dollars

an international survey conducted by Shell lubricants on power companies in eight countries, including China, Brazil, Canada and Germany, revealed that these companies underestimated the cost saving and efficiency increasing potential of efficient equipment lubrication. Many power companies did not realize that improper lubrication would seriously affect the reliability of equipment. 60% of power companies said they did not expect high-quality lubricants to reduce unplanned downtime

Marcelo Goldberg, global power industry manager of Shell lubricants, pointed out, "Every day in the power industry is crucial. People want to turn on the power immediately when they turn on the switch, which puts great pressure on power companies. They must ensure reliable and efficient operation in order to avoid costly unplanned downtime. However, due to lack of understanding, power companies often underestimate the potential impact of equipment lubrication. Shell lubricants has a team of technical experts who work closely with customers to help them choose the right equipment When it comes to lubricating oil, the implementation of correct lubricating oil management has saved millions of dollars for customers. "

there are two major factors that prevent power companies from maximizing the cost saving potential of their lubrication procedures: one is the lack of lubrication expertise of employees, and the other is the lack of lubrication system in power enterprises. 59% of the respondents believed that they did not have the power units: kg, LB, n switchable, and did not regularly train employees on lubricating oil as it should be, and only 43% of the power companies fully implemented the appropriate CPU procedures of computers to efficiently manage lubricating oil; The misunderstanding about lubricating oil is also obvious. Only half of the power companies (52%) understand how to help reduce maintenance costs through lubrication management, and 41% of the power companies understand how to save money by improving the anti-wear protection of lubricating oil

marcelo Jinan testing machine factory tensile testing machine electromechanical control mechanical components running engine Goldberg said that power companies are aware of the cost saving potential of lubricants, but underestimated this potential. Tools cannot collide with mixers. Although 58% of power companies know that choosing appropriate lubricants can reduce costs by 5% or more, only a quarter of power companies believe that the savings can exceed 10%. However, due to the gap in the expertise of employees in lubrication, only 25% of power companies can effectively use the technicians provided by their lubricant suppliers to provide regular door-to-door services, and most power companies are not prepared for it

the turbine of a power plant of Jiangsu Shagang Group, one of China's largest steel manufacturers, failed only a few months after commissioning. The company found that too much steam entered the lubricating oil system, resulting in the emulsification of turbine oil, a large amount of oil sludge deposited at the bottom of the oil pool, and excessive pollution also caused the accelerated wear of two radial bearings. After in-depth analysis and discussion, shell lubricant technical experts and on-site management personnel put forward methods to improve the reliability of steam turbines, including replacing shell Duobao T46 turbine oil, adopting shell lubeanalyst lubricant condition monitoring service, installing improved seals to prevent steam from entering, and regularly draining the bottom of the lubricating oil tank, which saved the company $57088 per year

the release of the white paper of shell lubricant power industry aims to help solve some problems in the industry, elaborate on the correct selection and management concept of lubricants, and help electrical enterprises tap the potential of saving costs and increasing efficiency

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