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Shell's US $1.6 billion joint venture with Brazilian biofuel company

Anglo Dutch Shell Oil Company and Brazilian ethanol producer corsan announced in a statement on the 15th that the two sides will jointly establish a biofuel enterprise with a market value of US $12billion

according to this statement, the new company is named raizen, which will produce 2.2 billion liters of ethanol from sugarcane every year to supply Brazil and the international market. In addition, the joint venture will be put into operation in the first half of this year and will employ about 40000 employees, making it the fifth largest enterprise in Brazil. The sales revenue of the company's modified plastics business is growing rapidly, and shell will inject $1.6 billion for this purpose

the head of the new company said that the company is expected to integrate the global market for ethanol, a clean and renewable energy, and consolidate Brazil's position in the international biofuel industry. This joint venture will include 23 sugar cane and ethanol factories, which crush 62 million tons of sugar cane every year. 1. Take out the friction body and use white forest paper (or A4 white paper), and the company's management believes that the output will reach 100 million tons in the next five years. The ethanol produced by raizen will be sold through 4500 gas stations under Coruscant and supplied to 54 airports as aviation fuel

Cosan and Shell signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a joint venture at the beginning of this year, and the European Commission has approved the establishment of this bioenergy company. Brazil is the second largest ethanol producer in the world after the United States

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