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Shengbaolu: deeply cultivate the end market of the industry and create a win-win situation with partners

shengbaolu: deeply cultivate the end market of the industry and create a win-win situation with partners

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adhering to the purpose of "saving energy and sharing globally", shengbaolu lubricant has always been guided by product innovation since it entered the Chinese market in 2003, and has spent 15 years deeply cultivating the hot land of China to complete the "full coverage" of domestic sales network, Its products are widely used in shipbuilding industry, electronics, steel, oil refining, transportation, ocean shipping and other fields. With its excellent technical quality and brand influence, it has won the industry affirmation of "the most popular natural gas engine lubricant of the year" awarded by lubtop2018 China's lubricant industry annual general evaluation list. Explore the secret of brand success. How can shengbaolu harvest the industry market with quality strength? At the 2019 national excellent agent conference of shengbaolu held a few days ago, China Lubricant information, a leading all media platform in the lubricant industry with automotive and mechanical genes, interviewed Mr. Wang Tong, deputy general manager of shengbaolu sales, and talked about the brand of shengbaolu

Mr. Wang Tong, deputy general manager of shengbaolu sales, took a cordial group photo with China Lubricant information

carefully cultivate the industry market and achieve a win-win situation for brand channels

for shengbaolu people, the past 2018 was undoubtedly a year of struggle and cultivation, but also a year of joy and harvest. President Wang said that in terms of market construction, the market revenue of Shengbao road in the past year increased by about 40% year-on-year compared with 2017, with 685 points nationwide and a total of 26000 terminal points. It not only received good brand response in the domestic industry, but also successfully expanded the international markets such as South America and Southeast Asia; In terms of product construction, some products of shengbaolu have passed the Mercedes Benz 229.5 certification and won the award of "the most popular natural gas engine lubricant of the year" awarded by lubtop2018 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricant industry; In terms of channel development, through the combination of Baidu promotion and shengbaolu flagship store, shengbaolu accurately locates the required customer groups and enhances consumers' further understanding of the brand. Shengbaolu agents cover more than 90% of prefecture level cities in the country

president Wang mainly introduced four points for the brand work of Shengbao road this year and next. First, optimize the product line and promote the development of high-end products. The latest API sn+ gasoline engine oil series and high-end env6 brake oil released at this conference are the sincere works of shengbaolu to meet the needs of market segments and improve brand competitiveness. The second is to build a high-end Shengbao road brand image store, relying on the Internet, and empower terminal stores through the use of big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technical means. "Terminal stores that join Shengbao road image store will not only enjoy professional image upgrading services, but will also be equipped with an all-in-one machine for vehicle maintenance adaptation query and transaction, which can solve multiple operational pain points such as accurate oil selection, vehicle maintenance product recommendation, member management system construction, store drainage, and finally realize the upgrading and transformation of terminals." Third, speed up the construction of new factories. The new shengbaolu plant will invest about 120million yuan. After construction, it will achieve a production capacity of 200000 tons of lubricants, greases and water-based process products, and can undertake more cooperation projects between high-quality customers and OEMs. Fourth, continue to cultivate terminals, vigorously support the work of dealers, and make every effort to open up downstream channels for dealers, solve the problem of capital turnover, and enable the new upgrading of terminals by launching a number of brand policies, such as red packet scanning, enterprise financial support platform, Sanbao road smart select image store, etc. "Supporting old customers and absorbing new customers, and growing together with excellent dealers are the unremitting goals of shengbaolu."

talking about the city that the industry is generally concerned about, its failure situation is to change the channel terminal of the fracture field. President Wang, as the sales director of shengbaolu brand who has worked in the front line of the industry for a long time, has a deep understanding of this. In the interview, he introduced the "funnel model" of terminal sales that he summarized and refined for how brands help dealers develop and develop the market together with channel terminals. He pointed out that from many potential customers around the store to some car owners who finally actually buy on-site, display, attention, access, consultation, and consumption are actually a linked "funnel model", which is not only the transformation link of terminal continuous realization of operating revenue, but also the loss process of store customers constantly giving up their purchase intention and leaving: pulse terminal sales work, The key is to analyze the effect of each link on customer drainage, so as to better improve service quality and fundamentally improve the sales conversion rate of stores. President Wang said that shengbaolu has always believed that the sales problem of dealers can be solved only by solving the problem of terminal funnel. The company has given dealers business training for a long time, focusing on terminal development issues, and carried out practical training for the agent business team, which has achieved obvious results. He once again stressed that the brand market work must mobilize the enthusiasm of terminals, so that they know how to improve themselves, so as to actively explore more market sources, work together with the brand side to create a win-win situation

guests experienced Shengbao road's "all-in-one machine for inquiry and transaction of vehicle maintenance adaptation"

practice enterprises, and repay the social home with excellent performance

with the recent changes in the economic and social situation at home and abroad, the high pressure of environmental protection, the decline in new vehicle sales and the challenges of new energy vehicles are making the lubricant industry face more uncertainty today. Facing the evolution trend of the upstream automotive industry from "incremental market" to "stock market", some industry insiders are worried that the domestic post market may be impacted, and the growing electric vehicles will also bring more challenges to the lubricant industry. In terms of structure, it mainly draws lessons from the excellent friction and wear testing machines in the United States, Germany and Britain, for which President Wang expressed a negative view. He said that on the one hand, the growth rate of new car sales did slow down in the past year; But on the other hand, the potential of China's automobile industry is still very huge. In 2018, China's car ownership per 1000 people was only 172, far lower than 780 and 587 in the United States and Japan. As for new energy vehicles, although they are currently showing a "spiral" high-speed growth trend, experts from Sinopec petroleum exploration and Research Institute predict that the number of civilian vehicles in China will reach a peak of 495million by 2035, while the number of electric vehicles in the same period is only 25million, accounting for about 5% of the overall automotive market, with little impact. "From the perspective of the global market, China's automotive market is not saturated and has great development potential; the demand space for lubricants in the automotive aftermarket is still very considerable and still promising."

president Wang also expressed his views on the "national six" emission standard that will be launched on a large scale in 2020. President Wang pointed out that the particulate matter in the "national six" standard is 76% lower than that in the "national five", and the "national six B" even needs to control PN (particle quantity), so DPF (particle trap) will be necessary. EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and SCR Technology are equally important under the "national six" standard. In the future, other more effective exhaust gas post-treatment technologies may be born, but it is likely to raise the cost of the engine. Nevertheless, with the gradual elimination of the national third and fourth vehicles in the next few years, the overall domestic oil standards and specifications will basically remain at the same level as those in Europe and the United States. The resulting environmental improvement and awareness of environmental protection will coincide with shengbaolu's brand initiative to create energy-saving and emission reduction products and contribute green products to the society. The inner wall of the working cylinder of the we type experimental machine is the guiding surface of the movement of the working piston. Facing the trend of green environmental protection in the new era, shengbaolu actively responded to the new requirements of the Sixth National Congress, and heavily launched API sn+ series at the national excellent agent conference. It has performed well in reducing early burning, wear and tear, oxidation and fuel consumption. It practices the enterprise society with a high degree of brand awareness and takes practical actions to build its home

looking forward to the future, President Wang said that with the continuous development of the enterprise, shengbaolu pays more and more attention to giving back to dealers and society. In the next step, the company will promote the progress of deepening the implementation of the joint-stock system, implement the shareholding work of national high-quality dealers as soon as possible, share the healthy, standard, potential and high-value shengbaolu with more like-minded people and contribute to the society, and always actively participate in love volunteer activities, Continue to care for vulnerable groups in society and give back with love. He concluded that facing the challenges and opportunities on the distant road in the future, shengbaolu will continue to move forward as always, with product optimization, technological innovation, service optimization and stronger supply chain management as the guarantee, with the innovation of profit model, finance and interconnection as the wings, and creating the happiness of more people as our driving force, further improve our management ability, jointly improve our marketing ability, and be brave, positive Facing the new era of shengbaolu without fear of difficulties, what should we do if the measurement data of the tensile testing machine is inaccurate? The arrival of. "Concentrate and enjoy the bright future of shengbaolu!"

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