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Successfully manufactured spinal cord fusion surgical stent with gibbscam software

Customer Name: Mendell Inc company

location: Lakeville, Minnesota, USA address:

solution: gibbscam software

mendell company is located in Minneapolis suburb in the southeast corner of Lakeville, Minnesota, USA. It was founded in 1965 and has a history of more than 40 years. Mendell has changed its development direction since Bryan Bartz became the general manager in 1992. Before that, they mainly focused on national defense engineering. Before Bryan Bartz took office, the project was in recession and in a state of loss. Shortly after Bryan Bartz took office, Mendell turned to semiconductor, data storage and general-purpose equipment production

bryan Bartz bought Mendell in 1999 and began strategic planning to comprehensively understand the company's strength, production capacity and enterprise competitiveness. After investigation, he found that Mendell's employees have solid theoretical knowledge and skilled skills in medical equipment manufacturing, which is very suitable for developing in the precision medical device industry. At the same time, various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international standards provided by users. Therefore, he positioned Mendell's development focus on the medical device industry

because Mendell company is located in the center of medical alley - there are many health care companies in this area, so it is named medical alley (medical Avenue) - they must establish their own characteristics to survive. It is precisely because Mendell realized this, they have been closely following the pace of development of the medical industry and constantly seeking promising projects. 90% of their business is for customers in the medical industry. Mendell's 57 employees can use a variety of technologies, including operating 28 machine tools and 3 sets of gibbscam software. Mendell company not only produces parts for aerospace, national defense and chromatographic devices, but also produces implantable medical devices. It can be said that plastic instruments, surgical instruments, diagnostic instruments, etc. can be seen everywhere

"our success is mainly due to our excellent staff," said Steve Storlie, vice president of marketing department of Mendell, "They have the courage to take on responsibilities, are willing to undertake more new tasks, and strive to do well. With the concerted efforts of everyone, our company continues to grow. If we only have the most advanced technology, but do not have talents who can make good use of these technologies, we cannot achieve today's results. We provide excellent talents, cooperation spirit and high-end technology, not just products."

when asked how many excellent employees Mendell company can have, Bartz replied, "if the company can make employees feel taken care of, have a clean working environment, a family like working atmosphere, earn a lot, and the company has certain appreciation and incentives, it is not difficult to have an excellent staff team."

non working allowance, such as organizing staff fishing in the summer and ice fishing season in Minnesota, is also helpful to increase team cohesion. Although Bartz is expensive as a boss, he is very friendly and helps everyone keep learning and making progress, which benefits Mendell company and employees a lot

Mendell has a good reputation in the industry and attracts many experienced talents. The company has a sound training mechanism and provides many training opportunities for employees, which makes many young employees willing to stay in the company for long-term development. "Mendell dares to hire less experienced machinists to help them improve their skills and become senior machinists."

high tech, high clarity

in terms of the technical factors of success, Steve Storlie, vice president of marketing department of Mendell company, owes the credit to gibbscam software, because gibbscam software programming is very efficient and accelerates the process from design to production. "Gibbscam software is very useful in part group programming and common medical device programming, because using gibbscam software to copy data can copy data from one part to another simply by dragging. Using gibbscam software, we can create and modify related parts without copying, and shorten the operation time on the computer from a few hours to a few minutes. The quality of our products made by this method is better, It can also strictly control the tolerance and reduce the variability, so as to shorten the production cycle in a real sense. High speed, consistency and precision give us a huge advantage in the fierce competition. "

gibbscam software is powerful in virtual simulation. "The visualization and simulation functions of gibbscam software are very good sales tools. Using the virtual simulation function of gibbscam software, the programming effect can be verified through simulation without actual processing. Gibbscam software can fully meet the requirements of customers in terms of processing concept, performance and processing process."

mendell company has won the trust of customers with technology by virtue of its rich experience and good reputation in the industry. "Our customers and their industries have high requirements for the quality and appearance of complex parts," Storlie said. "Our company has used gibbscam software for many years. Before the virtual simulation function of gibbscam software is launched, we have to experiment repeatedly for several times before we can produce prototypes."

jeremy thon, application engineer and chief programmer of Mendell company, was very troubled at first, but it has been much more convenient since the virtual simulation with gibbscam software, He said, "customers tell us their ideas. If possible, they also provide tolerances for functional features. We study CAD models and sometimes use the virtual machining function of gibbscam software to provide customers with economic or aesthetic solutions while ensuring structural integrity."

the biggest challenge in manufacturing medical devices is not technology. The biggest challenge is high cleanliness; Then there is the process tracking, followed by the ISO certification standard implemented by Mendell's production. Mendell company strictly controls the production process, such as the production of implantable plastic products without using refrigerant, so as to meet the requirements of high cleanliness

Mendell uses several tricks to improve product accuracy and shorten production cycle, starting with fixtures. Gibbscam software is fully functional, and they can perform any operation without returning to CAD for drawing. Mendell first used the solid model part geometry as the fixture to realize the perfect cooperation between the parts and the fixture. Gibbscam software puts them together and uses simulation function to demonstrate their fit, which saves a lot of time

Mendell strives to produce parts groups, often producing medical implant parts groups composed of 14 different types of parts. Gibbscam software is used to program, set and process continuously. Thon said, "the worst case is that we produce interchangeable fixtures for operators to find parts of different models from previous parts at the same zero point. We save the machine offset settings, saving the adjustment time of each part."

Mendell company is using gibbscam software to process parts on tornos Swiss machine tool

improve the utilization rate of machine tool

peek plastic specially used in the medical industry is used for spinal cord fusion surgery support, in which complex geometry requires 5-axis processing, which is a typical part group. This part is about 0.300 inch wide, 3/4 inch to 1 inch long, and the maximum height is 0.600 inch. Each part has cutting at different angles, including shell corners, face angles and tantalum pinholes used to show the direction of X-ray radiation (because plastic cannot reflect X-ray). When these operations are completed, finish machining and trimming are carried out on the machine tool to improve the product accuracy and prevent impurities from mixing

the customer submits CAD drawings but does not print them out. Mendell needs four or five critical dimensions of the minimum drawing. Thon directly imports the first drawing generated by SolidWorks into gibbscam software, fixes the 1-inch blank, and sets the inclination and rotation angle of 5C round head rivet installed on the hinge support. Because the model is located above the rotating shaft, he arranges the workpiece on a face, defines a plane for the deflection angle of each tool, and then extracts geometry from the model and defines the cutting dimension. "The operation skill is to determine the direction and angle of the deflection angle and select all necessary geometry." Thon said, "it's easy to choose tools after that."

mendell uses the gibbscam profiling milling function, thon said, "This is a great tool for extracting geometry and driving tool path. We need accuracy, but the entity provided by the customer may not meet the print specification. So we try to extract geometry, and then use gibbscam software to mark the dimension. If necessary, recreate the geometry, and sometimes you need to recreate the entity.

gibbscam software can also help select tools and replace the forming milling cutter. Thon usually changes the offset cutter Angle adjustment standard tool. When necessary, he also uses the tool tile design tool of gibbscam software to test with the simulation function, and prints it after success. After all the tools are defined, use the simulation function of gibbscam software to go through all the operations to ensure that they are correct

when the first part of the part group is completed, thon puts the next CAD model in the same position of the part and continues to use the previous parameters. This saves a lot of time for adding Vaseline or butter to other power bearings, especially for making prototypes. Thon said, "it takes a lot of time to set up 14 different types of parts and make 10 parts for each part. Using gibbscam software saves several hours of setting and programming time for each part on average. Doing so also saves the time for parts to change stations between machine tools and idle time."

the first step operation of a part in the spinal cord fusion surgery bracket part set on the five axis CNC machining center is about to be completed.

the parts in the medical device industry are becoming increasingly complex.

Mendell has never used CAM software to program Swiss lathes before, but gibbscam software helped them make better use of the machine tool, manufacture the prototype of titanium alloy pedicle screw system and carry out preliminary production. The screws in this part set have six sizes, The longest is 1.25 inches. Three or more components of this part group are fixed on a bracket across the vertebrae with a screw connector and a crimping cap (closed terminal)

this spiral connector adopts gibbscam software for turning and milling programming, and is produced on tornos Swiss lathe, while the prototype, connector and crimping cap (closed terminal) are processed on turning center and five axis milling machine tool. "We still haven't printed," thon said. "We have worked together with our customers to successfully realize the applicability and functionality of product design. The arc-shaped parts in the connector can be adjusted according to the support, so put in the screw and rotate the crimping cap (closed terminal), and the rod, connector, crimping cap (closed terminal) and screw can be permanently fixed."

the connector of spinal cord fusion surgery bracket is similar to the production method of crimping cap (closed terminal). After positioning the workpiece, thon arranges it on the plane, then extracts the edge geometry, defines the tool, compiles the five axis milling program, feeds the bar through the 5C round head rivet, cuts off the workpiece, and turns it to the turning center for finishing machining

applying gibbscam software to Swiss machine tools is not our first choice, because it is relatively simple to turn parts through NC system programming of machine tools. But as the parts become more and more complex, Mendell does not

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