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Weichai: explore the successful samples of the "the Belt and Road"

Weichai: explore the successful samples of the "the Belt and Road"

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as China's "the Belt and Road" strategy moves from conception to practice, the countries along the Silk Road are attracting more and more investment from Chinese enterprises. How can Chinese enterprises enter these markets? Weichai has brought successful action samples

in 2014, Weichai entered Pakistan, an important strategic fulcrum of the Silk Road, and won many orders that year. In 2015, its sales doubled, and its development in the local area was getting better. Today, Lu Mingming, Weichai's office in Pakistan, tells the story of how Weichai successfully defeated European, American and Japanese brands that have "entrenched" the local market for more than ten years in Pakistan, and brought back a perfect game for made in China

I'm Lu Mingming. I came to Pakistan in 2015. Weichai representative office in Pakistan is located in Karachi, the largest and busiest city in Pakistan. Many years ago, Karachi developed from a small fishing village to the largest city in Pakistan. Its status is like Shanghai in China. Its development is inseparable from the development of local fishing industry

the fish harbor wharf in Karachi is the largest fishing boat wharf in Pakistan, with a total of more than 5000 fishing boats, and about new ships are built every year. The main market of Weichai marine machinery products is here

perfect first strike

but Pakistan is located in the northwest of the South Asian subcontinent, bordering China, with a large population density. China and Pakistan have special friendly relations and are all-weather "iron friends". Both the military regime and the democratically elected government of Pakistan have always adhered to the friendly policy towards China. These are good conditions for opening up the market

however, the Pakistani ship engine market is full of European, American and Japanese brand engines as well as all kinds of engines made by small Chinese workshops. The engines produced in small workshops have low reliability, poor quality and low price, so made in China is often labeled as cheap here. When Weichai engine came here, they were all faced with questioning eyes

Weichai marine machinery agent became the first person to eat crabs. The force value display device and records are used to judge whether the material (or finished product) is qualified and reaches the predetermined performance indicators. Because of the impression of poor quality made in China, in fact, the marine machinery agents are also uneasy for the first time. After the installation, commissioning and trial voyage of the power system, the agent immediately arranged the ship to go to sea for fishing

this time, we brought back not only the profits, but also the data of Weichai engine that shocked the market:

each time we went to sea to fish for about 25 days, excluding the labor cost, the main investment was diesel oil and ice cubes to keep the fish fresh, and the cost of diesel oil was about 7500 US dollars. Compared with the agent's other fishing boat equipped with a Japanese engine, Weichai's engine saves 20% fuel, that is, it saves $1500 in diesel costs. According to this algorithm, customers can save a new engine in less than a year

the news of Weichai engine fuel saving spread like wildfire

win the second blow

in order to expand publicity and improve the brand influence of Weichai, Weichai began to prepare for the ship machinery promotion meeting. However, due to the severe security situation in Pakistan, the gathering of many people will face great risks, and the Karachi police station did not approve our application. After many communications with officials of the Pakistan Fisheries Association, it was decided to arrange the promotion meeting on the agent's fishing boat

on New Year's Day 2016, Weichai marine machinery promotion meeting was successfully held

Weichai invited more than 90 local shipyard owners, shipowners, captains, machinists, crew members and other people to attend. The atmosphere was warm and the communication and interaction were good. The agent printed the product parameters of Weichai marine machinery in the local Urdu language, and the revision results of Rockwell hardness tester for customers to read. The Weichai flag flying on the bow and the four masts of the ship also left a deep impression on the staff and participants of other ships on the dock

the local ship engine agents went to sea and brought back the excellent data performance of Weichai engine. Relying on the original word of mouth, Weichai has gradually become the most popular brand of Karachi fishing boat terminal

at the 2014 Pakistan energy exhibition, the Minister of mining of Pakistan once personally visited the Weichai booth to praise the powerful Weichai products and meticulous Weichai people

in 2015, the construction of China Pakistan economic corridor was regarded as the "flagship project" of the "the Belt and Road", and many projects such as mining, communications, infrastructure construction were launched one after another, which was a good opportunity for Weichai engine to show its skills. Global mining investment company has obtained the 60 year mining right of the first block of the local thar coal mine. Weichai has become an important product supplier of global mining by taking advantage of the synergy of a full range of products in all fields

Pakistan bank al Habib also designated Weichai engine as their special product after trying out Weichai's generator set. Good feedback soon formed a radiation effect in the industry, and Weichai engine gradually established a high image and reputation in the field of power generation in Pakistan

relying on perfect product quality and meticulous and considerate service, Weichai has been working effectively for decades, taking the lead in more than 110 countries and regions such as Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, and becoming the pioneer force of the "the Belt and Road"

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