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Wuhan's largest subway station under construction is busy during the National Day holiday

Wuhan's largest subway station under construction is busy during the National Day holiday

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"vehicles fall back a little more and be careful of the road." At noon, I came to Hongtu Avenue station of Wuhan Metro Line 3, which is located at the entrance of Hongtu avenue of Dongxihu Lake in Wuhan. The construction site was busy and the workers were busy with construction. Compared with the atmosphere of citizens visiting relatives and friends and wandering in the scenic area to celebrate the national day, it seems to be another world

most of the ground of the construction site has been backfilled, and tower cranes and large trucks are constantly working on the ground to transport reinforcement and other materials underground

"if the elongation of basic materials in the main project of the station building has exceeded 1000%, the journey of 1000 or 1200mm can be selected for completion. The next step is the mobilization of shield machine." On the second floor underground of the station building, workers are stepping up the laying of steel rails. A section of steel rail with a length of tens of meters has been installed. According to the construction personnel, this rail is not a subway running rail, but is specially laid for the use of shield machines. After the National Day holiday, the first shield machine will start working on the rail to open up the road ahead

the total investment of Metro Hongtu Avenue station is 720million yuan. The total construction area of the station is 56800 square meters, which is divided into upper and lower floors and 16 meters deep. As the official partner of the project, one is the transfer station between Metro Line 3 and airport line, and Metro Line 8 can also be connected to the station through an underground passage. According to reports, the station is the largest and most invested subway station under construction in Wuhan

the station was constructed by China Railway 11th Bureau. Zhang Liang, the construction director of the project department, introduced that the station is constructed by open excavation method, and the main structure adopts reinforced concrete two-story four span box frame structure with high office rent, with a total of 16 access roads

"during the national day, none of the more than 300 workers rest." Zhang Liang said that according to the requirements of the project progress, the station will be completed in the second half of next year to ensure the timely opening of Wuhan Metro Line 3

at about 12 noon, Lao Yang, a construction worker who had just left the construction site, received a call from his daughter from his hometown Enshi

"my daughter is considerate. In addition to holiday greetings, she specially asked me to pay attention to safety. She said that when the subway is repaired next year, she must come to Wuhan and take the first train with me." Lao Yang's face showed a happy smile

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