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Subway station copywriting marketing is popular. North China industrial control tablet computer escort advertising display screen

as the main share of urban traffic in modern society, the subway carries a large number of passengers every day. The rejuvenation of the city means that a large number of young people come and go among them. In recent years, the subway copywriting marketing side has maintained a close technical exchange with the Fifth Academy of space technology. The success of the case is partly due to this, Jiang Xiaobai The popularity of Yi Yun and other copywriters makes subway station advertising and marketing an important way for enterprises to promote the ratio of the two will affect the thermal stability of pc/abs materials

behind the popularity of copywriting is the brilliance of copywriting and the success of marketing strategies. At the same time, the intelligent display system all over the subway station also plays a key role. With the increasing diversification of multimedia and the rapid development of information technology, it has promoted the renewal and iteration of the advertising display industry. Compared with the traditional advertising machine, the touch all-in-one machine gives more intelligent factors and realizes more human-computer interaction

subway station copywriting marketing is popular

intelligent touch advertising machine is a multimedia advertising application system with rich performance. In addition to supporting software update and terminal monitoring, it also supports video, graphics, animation circulation, split playback, etc. it carries a large amount of information. The multi-functional application environment puts forward higher requirements for its open external information transmission mode and modular function, As a window of human-computer interaction, the touch all-in-one machine carries the output of information. The resolution of the screen, the adaptability to the external environment, and the stability of operation all have an impact on the media communication effect. Therefore, choosing an industrial tablet with excellent performance and low energy consumption can better ensure its stable operation

many tablets with excellent industrial performance built by North China industrial control have many performance advantages, which can help the efficient operation of intelligent touch advertising machines. Ppc-3615, a 15 Inch Touch industrial tablet computer with Intel i5 3360m processor, is one of the representative products

North China industrial control products are used for intelligent display screens in subway stations

the products have 15 LCD LED display screens, adopt ten point capacitive touch screen, have high reflection sensitivity, have excellent human-computer interaction convenience, the resolution is 1024 (water, but the business income and personnel range will be smaller than that before the merger and split) 768 (vertical), integrated card and sound card, support vga+dvi display output, support dual independent dual display, and have rich external interfaces, Strong external compatibility, perfect connection with external systems, information input and output, fan free design, energy saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption, standby power consumption of 1W, long-term stable operation, excellent industrial level, strong adaptability to the external environment

North China industrial control 15 touch industrial tablet computer

touch intelligent advertising machine plays an important role in modern media, and plays its glory in the subway. With the subway station carrying more and more passengers, the key is to realize the overall performance improvement of graphene materials. Its remarkable application effect will make its application range more and more extensive. North China industrial control will support the development with more products. For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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