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The successful case of "China logistics company management mode" is represented by the enterprise representative of Jinan KEXINTONG logistics consulting service center: Mr. guohongliang. Through the investigation of China's logistics market, state analysis, summing up practical experience, combined with the research of logistics management system, he designed a general logistics management system suitable for China's logistics companies, and created the "China logistics company management mode"

"management mode of Chinese logistics companies" overview:

market positioning of logistics companies: industry logistics positioning determines the choice of target markets for logistics companies

logistics company budget planning system: logistics enterprise operation takes budget as the core, and logistics core competitiveness

logistics company organization system: organization chart of the company management center, department functions, external organizations

the cultural system of logistics companies: logistics strategy, logistics strategy management, the embodiment of logistics market competition, and the establishment of service brands of logistics companies

the logistics company commands vertically. It has no odor system: the construction of the logistics company's service network, and the management and application support of logistics software

logistics company horizontal contact system: company management center intelligence, external contact, point contact, operation process

competition and cooperation among logistics enterprises, and establish long-term win-win cooperative relations with customers

inspection and feedback system of logistics companies: processing of "inspection and feedback" data to avoid service and cooperation risks

talent selection and employment system of logistics companies: quality requirements of employees, basis, procedures, and factors affecting the enterprise

logistics company training system: logistics business technology training plan, method, course, assessment, contract, compensation

incentive system of logistics company: incentive generation principle, demand, method, allotment, annual profit dividend

"Chinese logistics company management users can set the mode at will" has been evaluated and demonstrated by experts in China's logistics technology management, and good suggestions have been put forward; The development of the company needs to establish: the logistics technology management expert database of "logistics solutions" of Chinese logistics companies, and establish long-term cooperative relations with logistics experts; After receiving the "order" from the customer of the Chinese logistics company, fill in the system form, the target selection of the logistics industry, and fill in the "confirmation of the company's target positioning". After the customer's target market positioning is determined, it is planned to organize the expert group on the technology of the Chinese logistics management system and the domestic well-known enterprise management consulting company, and meet the conditions according to the overall design requirements of the customer company, More scientifically design a practical logistics management mode suitable for the customer company, and provide the whole process customer company tracking and consulting service plan

it is suggested that China's logistics companies using "Yitong - freight logistics steward logistics software" and "logistics network software" will reduce enterprise operating costs and improve the economic profits of logistics companies

for example, "China logistics company management mode" is actually applied in the book logistics industry

Jinan KEXINTONG logistics company operates according to the "management mode of China logistics company"

market positioning of the company: the target is the book logistics industry

company budget planning system: accountants make "budget plan investment plan"

enterprises in the logistics market compete in the freight price market and formulate customer service solutions; Take the customer pay in cash or the other party pay the same customer 20% discount, and provide door-to-door pick-up and delivery, advertising and express delivery services

company organization system: set up: (Book channel department) to facilitate the negotiation of "order" cooperation with customers in the library industry

1. The company first establishes the database of customer service centers of book wholesalers and retail stores in this province and province

2. The logistics company contacted the National Book Publishing and distribution company to negotiate: "book service agency agreement"

3. Submit to the publisher: Book logistics operation agency scheme; Book Logistics Distribution Center scheme

4. Establish the terminal system of book channel distribution center and customer service center in prefectures and cities of the province

corporate culture system: serve customers, especially the "Book audio-visual channel newsletter" advertising journal

the unique embodiment of the company in the logistics market competition, creating the company's characteristic service center brand

the company's vertical command system: the company establishes a service station network of book distribution centers in various cities. The company uses "Yitong - freight logistics Butler logistics software" and "China logistics company network professional logistics software" to reduce the cost of the company, increase the profit by more than 200%, and check the goods, payment, operation, goods compensation, etc. on the computer at any time

horizontal contact system of the company: the management center of the company can contact the outside through the computer network, and the branch terminals can also exchange cargo document data, check accounts, and solve the problem of Waybill query

establishment: Book channel customer service system. For those who have not opened freight lines, the company establishes cooperation with line freight competitors, and the freight price should be reduced by 40%. Due to the proper management mode, it establishes a long-term win-win cooperation "service agency" friendly relationship with customers

the company's inspection and feedback system: the company handles the "inspection and feedback" data of each network every month, accepts customer complaints, and immediately solves the problems found at any point, so as to truly avoid the risks of service and cooperation

the company selects the employment system for talents: each time, the company should hire branch managers according to the quality requirements. The company tries to select talents with logistics knowledge. The company notes that at this time, the temperature controller on the left and the chronometer on the right will show that selecting the wrong person will affect the development of the company

company training system: the company formulates logistics technology training plan and simple logistics technology. The training method is replaced by old employees. The probation period is three months. Branch managers should train contract and compensation legal knowledge

company incentive system: the company's financial accountant formulates the company's manager, the branch manager pays dividends according to the allotment, the employees' basic salary + red envelope according to the work performance ability, and the company encourages the employees' own value

by occupying the book logistics industry in accordance with the "management mode of Chinese logistics companies", the company has more importantly had long-term win-win cooperation, customer resources and intangible assets, giving the company a 200% increase in profits

the secret of the success of "China logistics company management mode":

principle: the founder of "China logistics company management mode": Mr. guohongliang, together with China logistics technology experts and China's well-known enterprise management consulting company, designs the logistics management mode that the customer company can operate according to the customer's own environmental resource conditions of China logistics company and the logistics market positioning of the customer company's target industry

the logistics management mode of the customer company is successful in the market, compared with the "management mode of Chinese logistics company". "China logistics company management mode" can also be applied to EMF enterprise logistics and CMF commercial logistics customers

add logistics functions, logistics facilities and technical equipment, and logistics management technology required by EMF enterprise logistics and CMF commercial logistics customers (it is recommended to use: EMF enterprise logistics, CMF commercial logistics professional logistics software), etc

(Note: experts in enterprise logistics and commercial logistics include: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hubei, Beijing, Shandong)

"management mode of Chinese logistics companies" has encountered many difficulties in practical application:

1. Chinese logistics companies generally have family business, unclear international business concepts, lack of understanding of international logistics market competition, lack of logistics management expertise, and lack of competitive core logistics technology

2. It is common in Chinese logistics companies that the employees of the company basically have not passed the logistics technology training, and the quality of employees is low

3. Chinese logistics companies generally have no target choice in market positioning, no certainty in industry logistics, and distribution operation

4. Managers of Chinese logistics companies should re brainwash logistics knowledge in logistics management and operation

"China logistics company management mode" can solve a variety of difficult problems encountered by China logistics companies:

1. The company is in a chaotic situation, with few customer relations, no freight work, high sports car costs and operating losses

2. Now I want to invest a small amount of money to operate the logistics industry, but I don't know where to start first and make money in logistics

3. For example, you have two cars running, and you want to get a long-term job, but you can't find a job

4. The company has a small amount of funds, but it wants to build its own logistics service network in the cities of the province. I don't know how to solve it

5. According to the business development, the company wants to set up branches in key cities across the country. How can the business be carried out as soon as possible

6. How to establish and manage the product logistics distribution center system when the company gets the "order" of product logistics services in the province

"management mode of Chinese logistics companies" will become the logistics service brand selected by Chinese logistics companies. (end)

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