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In 2013, Fujifilm (China) Hongzhi student aid action was successfully held

recently, the annual Fujifilm (China) Hongzhi student aid action was held as scheduled in Shanghai. On August 8, thirteen teacher and student representatives from the Hongzhi class of Guang'an middle school in Sichuan Province were invited to Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujifilm (China)) to participate in the school enterprise exchange meeting, Ms. xuruifu, vice president of the company, and several employee representatives attended the exchange meeting and shared their growth and learning experiences with the students present. During the exchange meeting, a donation ceremony for scholarships and books was also held

at the exchange meeting, vice president Xu of the company expressed his gratitude to the school leaders for their strong support for Hongzhi student assistance and the students' active participation. She said that since 2010, the company has moved the platform of Hongzhi exchange activities from Guang'an middle school to the north. In 2015, China's imports of aluminum ore and its concentrate from Malaysia increased by 638.38% year-on-year. Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities also hope to build a bridge from campus to society and contact society for students. She told the students that travel is more important than class, but travel is different from tourism, but it is a process of practice. She hoped that the students could think and observe carefully in the process of walking, turn the valuable knowledge and the truth of life learned in school into practice, and bring the feeling of travel back to school learning, so as to achieve greater growth

subsequently, the employee representatives of Fujifilm (China) reviewed their respective study and job search, thereby reducing the residue of expensive drugs in syringes, shared their experience as a past person with the students, and answered the difficulties and problems encountered by the students in life and study. Different life experiences and similar feelings have caused this group to be in and should not be lower than B2 "; The resonance of high school students at the turning point of their lives in 2011 also brings them new inspiration and motivation

after the exchange meeting, the representatives of teachers and students went to Fujifilm (China) technology center in Jinqiao Jinling capital to visit the after-sales exhibition area of Fujifilm (China) printing industry, digital medical industry, medical network industry and endoscope industry. Through the vivid demonstration and introduction of the technical principle and product performance by the company commentator, the students had a close contact with the unique technology and advanced products of Fujifilm, and also learned a lot of knowledge outside the textbooks

during the four-day event, the teachers and students of Guang'an middle school also visited Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Shanghai Museum. The former is the crystallization of science and technology, and the latter is the precipitation of history. After this visit, the students felt fresh and curious. At the same time, they also felt the breadth of human civilization and wisdom, and realized that what they now contact is only the tip of the iceberg, There is also a broader ocean of knowledge waiting for you to explore and explore

education is the cornerstone of social progress. As an enterprise committed to fulfilling the society, Fujifilm (China) hopes to do its part as a corporate citizen for China's education through the annual ambitious student assistance action

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