The hottest subway and telecom shelve the dispute,

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Subway and telecom shelved the dispute, and the signal of line 10 has been connected.

on August 11, from some problems that some customers in Beijing responded, we can timely feed back to the senior management of Beijing Mobile and Beijing Unicom. It was learned that mobile operators and Beijing Metro are speeding up the debugging of the signal covering line 10

with the active intervention of relevant departments, the signal of Metro Line 10 will be opened in the near future. The issue of "entrance fee" with great differences between the two sides was shelved, and the senior management of the operator told high reliability: "open it first, and then talk about the fee."

"signal coverage has been completed in most sections of line 10 now", the above-mentioned person said, but the specific opening time has not been determined. "According to the commissioning situation, we will announce it in the next two days."

previously, the higher "entry fee" of the subway operation company made it difficult for the telecom operation enterprises to bear, so it was difficult for the mobile network to cover line 10. This dispute was jokingly called "a strong dragon meets a local snake" by the citizens. In the fervent expectation of the people, the government departments actively promoted and gave the guiding direction of "everything for the Olympics", paving the way for the hand to ensure that the gripper has enough travel machine signals to enter line 10

at yesterday afternoon, enthusiastic friends called to say that the signals of line 10 and the Olympic branch line have been opened

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