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Amcor shows new PET packaging solutions

Australian packaging giant Amcor announced its apex hot filled PET container with metal lug cap on the Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago recently, which was first sold in Costco club stores on the West Bank of the United States

AMCO has also released a series of new high-tech products for dairy products and sterile, high-pressure liquid drinks. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. tells you the dispensing method: transparent PET bottles. This sleek and unique high-grade product series has round, hourglass and square specifications

for wine and alcoholic beverages, first-class brand manufacturers are looking for advanced PET containers to reshape the product image and bring many advantages to consumers, such as light weight, easy to carry and easy to use. In addition, in the home care market, 100% recycled PET containers can be used more and more widely as an efficient sustainable development solution

AMCO has also successfully adopted new technologies, such as compression blow molding (CBF), which uses a new 20 chamber CBF machine to manufacture high-density bottles. In addition, it also includes a desktop robot system and a supporting robot system polyethylene (HDPE) medicine bottles, expanding the scope of application of this technology

this packaging giant cooperates with confr RIE Clinque company in the Netherlands to develop an innovative tablet dispensing system called s.m.r.t. bottle, which meets the requirements of drug regulations and is user-friendly. Considering the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the safety of children and the elderly at the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, It can be connected to any intelligence that takes meeting the needs of key areas of "made in China 2025" and strategic emerging industries as the main direction of attack, and is easy to track and monitor

the innovative tablet dispensing solution is a container with the advantages of both blister packaging and bottle packaging. AMCO injection molded polyethylene insert, which is customized to match the shape of the tablet. Confr RIE Clinque custom designed and manufactured the electronic system of the dispenser, which counts the number of tablets entering or leaving the bottle, tracks the temperature of the container, and ensures the integrity of the product

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