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In the face of fierce competition in the international market, China's large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises not only pay attention to changing the current situation of state-owned enterprises from the system, but also increasingly realize the necessity of using high-tech means to assist enterprise management, so as to truly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and lay a solid foundation for winning future competition. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group, a leading enterprise in the iron and steel industry, Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. uses Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) enterprise information portal to realize cross regional, multi Organization collaborative office and efficient information sharing

The first phase of the enterprise information portal project of Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. has been launched, providing a system office platform framework for group operation. On this basis, information process standards for document circulation, secretarial work and workflow services of the company have been established. Its successful experience can be used as a reference for those in the same industry

I. customer background

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel metal) is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Baosteel Group. In order to vigorously develop the steel extended processing industry, at the end of 2007, Baosteel Group integrated the industrial company, steel products division, automobile trade, wire rod products and other businesses to establish Baosteel metal, making it an important platform for the development of Baosteel's steel extended processing industry

Baosteel metal is one of the six business segments of Baosteel. Its core businesses include steel structure, metal packaging, auto parts, wire products, industrial gases, auto trade, etc

As an investment management company, Baosteel metal has many subsidiaries. How to strengthen centralized management has become a difficult problem for the management. Baosteel metal hopes to integrate the business systems of its subsidiaries into the same platform for planning and management, so as to improve the overall efficiency

II. Business problems

the demand for rapid expansion and development of enterprises prompted Baosteel metal to find a platform that can enable all branches to realize collaborative work and information sharing. By investigating the enterprise information portal project implemented by Baoyi can making, Baosteel metal decided to adopt this system and chose the same supplier GrapeCity to implement it

grapecity's implementation consultant found the following problems in Baosteel metal during sheath extrusion by investigating the needs of enterprises:

the management of application system is not unified. Baosteel metal is integrated by subsidiaries such as industrial company, steel products division, automobile trade and wire rod products. These subsidiaries use different application systems, which is not convenient for the unified management of the head office. Once an employee leaves, the IT department cannot stop the user's account in time, which brings security risks to the company's system

company information cannot be shared. After the integration of branches, many information materials can be shared and used by other branches. However, due to the lack of unified storage location and classification and merging of documents, these materials cannot play their due reference value

lack of platform for collaborative cooperation Baosteel metal branches and departments lack an efficient collaborative platform. The office system lacks the ability of remote work support, and all branches cannot work together through networks, and can only rely on, e-mail and other means to do limited communication, which reduces the overall work efficiency, and even causes the business or office process of key business personnel to be unable to be completed on time when they go out

III. Enterprise Information Portal Solution

GrapeCity cooperates with Baosteel metal to build a blueprint for the enterprise information portal on the basis of full demand research on all branches: this system will face all employees of Baosteel metal company, is a window for enterprise information construction and factory information disclosure, and provides employees with a platform for office and self-service. At the same time, it is also a channel for the management and circulation of document information within the enterprise, and assists in document sharing and information communication between people

according to the needs of Baosteel metal, GrapeCity focuses on strengthening the following functions:

strengthening the portal multi system integration and single sign on function. The enterprise information portal integrates multiple systems that companies are using with the company domain system, and provides centralized and unified identity authentication. Users only need to enter the user name and password of the domain system to access multiple systems related to business according to the corresponding rules, without repeated login. Once an employee leaves, the IT department only needs to stop the employee's domain account, which not only saves the time of IT personnel, but also provides security for the system

centralized release of information enterprise information portal is mainly used to uniformly manage, store and release the information and official documents shared by the whole company, so as to ensure that the information can be transmitted in time throughout the company, and make it most convenient for users to retrieve and query the information. The system provides two subscription methods so that users can get the notification of information update in time: system users can subscribe to the information they are interested in. Once the relevant information changes, the system will send email, instant message, SMS and other notifications to users in accordance with the preset method. The other is that when publishing information, the content administrator of the information portal can specify specific user groups in the system to receive the notification sent by the system, so that these users can enter the system as soon as possible to view the updated information

provide a document storage center. As the center for storing documents, the enterprise information portal provides enterprise level search. Employees can use the query function of the portal to search qualified documents from e-mail, file server, internal, etc. The enterprise information portal can classify and store documents, and the search results can also be displayed by category, so that the browser can see it at a glance

strengthen the advantages of portal collaboration. The enterprise information portal has built a virtual platform for cross department collaboration. Each branch or department can set up their own work sites, and employees can also set up personal sites and add project team members at the same time. This platform can upload all kinds of documents and use Web2.0 technology to open discussion boards to enhance the ability of project teams and departments to work together

strengthen the use of portal workflow. The enterprise information portal combined with the workflow engine developed by GrapeCity helps Baosteel metal realize the automation of workflow such as reimbursement, business trip, leave, purchase of fixed assets, annual it plan, etc. users can view the current working status at any time online. The application process can be customized by branches, departments or individuals. The design concept of workflow is to save the time of process design, which can achieve double results combined with enterprise information portal

IV. customer benefits

after implementing the enterprise information portal solution, Baosteel metal provides a collaborative office platform framework for group operation, realizes vertical office management applications, and ensures that information can be quickly and efficiently shared among branches, departments, and individuals in a timely manner

The benefits of Baosteel metal are embodied in the following aspects:

the enterprise information portal has the advantages of flexibility and scalability. It personnel can easily carry out the station architecture and freely expand according to the template provided by GrapeCity, which greatly saves the time and manpower of secondary development

enterprise information portal has the advantage of high integration with other Microsoft products. Microsoft's office products and outlook are the daily software used by most companies. The enterprise information portal has a high degree of integration with these products and does not need to change users' habits to adapt to the new system

enterprise information portal has the advantage of single sign on. No matter whether the subsystems used by the company have user names and passwords, they can be integrated with the portal through the single sign on function of the enterprise information portal, so as to simplify the complexity, so that the staff scratch radius adjustment mechanism can be used to change the scratch radius. It only needs a set of user names and passwords to log in to all subsystems that need to be used in work until they are qualified, so as to improve the ease of use and security of the information system

enterprise information portal has the advantage of sharing and collaboration. The timely access to internal information and the close cooperation of working partners can be achieved on the virtual platform provided by the enterprise information portal. (end)

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