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Subvert the traditional production mode, Zoomlion leads the strategic change of concrete

subvert the traditional production mode, Zoomlion leads the strategic change of concrete

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on March 20, "science and technology? Make China bluer - Zoomlion concrete machinery international management company 2015 emerging product evaluation meeting" was held in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, and experts from Guizhou provincial government departments, concrete industry associations and scientific research institutions Customer representatives witnessed this historic moment in the concrete industry

the participants also closely watched the "world's first 500 ton per hour dry process building type high-quality machine-made sand production line + environment-friendly mixing plant" manufactured by Zoomlion and gave it high recognition and wide praise. This "two in one" system solution is regarded as a systematic revolution in the production mode of concrete building materials in China and a strategic change in the transformation and upgrading of the industry

system solutions lead the way of industrial upgrading

over the past decade, China's commercial and concrete industry has experienced a golden stage of development, innovation and harvest. However, with China's increasing attention to resource conservation and utilization and ecological environment protection, the commercial and mixed industry is also facing increasing pressure. How to upgrade the industry has become an urgent problem to be solved

this production line, located in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, gives insiders a new hope and space for the development of the industry

"this production line is a typical application of Zoomlion's' three in one/two in one 'business model. Different from the previous' one-on-one' model of building materials manufacturing enterprises, Zoomlion's' three in one/two in one 'solution all the high-quality machines produced by Zoomlion's' three in one' solution pose a great risk of condensation; in addition, sand making can be used by ourselves or sold away, which can bring real economic benefits to our customers." Zheng Bo, party secretary and deputy general manager of Zoomlion concrete machinery international management company, introduced

the data shows that when the high-quality machine-made sand produced by this production line is matched with commercial mixing, each cubic meter of concrete can save 10% - 30% of cement; When matching dry mixed mortar, the drying cost per ton of dry mixed mortar can be saved by about 10 yuan

it is understood that Zoomlion's "three in one/two in one" system solution is not simply putting three or two products together, but the "organic integration" of the three or both. It can be customized according to customer needs and field conditions. It can be flexibly combined to maximize system synergy and achieve the effect of 1+1 2

observing the scene, the head of Zoomlion's products explained Zoomlion's concept of upgrading the commercial and concrete industry to the participants while making a sand comparison experiment

the person in charge of the product further explained, "In terms of system integration, it automatically calculates the amount of sand and gravel at all levels required for commercial mixing and dry mixing, and realizes the perfect matching of the proportion of sand and gravel production at all levels - robots, automated production lines and other intelligent devices are widely used in production, especially the production based on sales, which reduces the inventory of sand and gravel raw materials of the enterprise to the greatest extent, and effectively controls the operation risk of the enterprise.

in addition, it is worth mentioning that" three in one/two in one " System solutions can also help customers achieve vertical and horizontal industrial extension

in terms of vertical industrial extension, the industrial chain of traditional commercial mixing customers and dry mixing customers has been extended vertically from "terminal products" to "terminal products + raw material products", from single operator mixing or dry mixing to operator mixing, dry mixing and machine-made sand products

from the perspective of horizontal industry extension, the "Trinity/duality" system solution can help traditional commercial and mixed customers expand their business scope horizontally, from individual commercial and mixed to mixed commercial and dry mixed, expand profit space, and seize the blue ocean of emerging products

customer demand orientation improves production management efficiency

Zoomlion's "Trinity/duality" system solution not only leads industrial upgrading, but also shows the success of an excellent enterprise, that is, to be customer-oriented and adhere to "value driven"

according to the user of the scheme, Zoomlion's production line has produced 120000 cubic meters of concrete since it was put into operation. Compared with outsourcing high-quality machine-made sand, the production cost is saved by 5.04 million yuan

the person in charge of the product calculated an account at the same time. After selecting raw materials with better quality, the actual production capacity of the production line reached 300 tons/hour, far exceeding the design capacity of 250 tons/hour. If the production capacity is increased by 50 tons per unit time, 1000 tons more can be produced per day, with a profit of 30 yuan per ton. At this production rate, the cost can be recovered in months

it is particularly worth mentioning that the comprehensive performance of these high-quality machine-made sand and gravel aggregates is higher than that of natural sand, and the concrete produced with this machine-made sand is more stable and durable Put the pendulum on the edge of the support with a wooden block, and the quality of the dry mixed mortar produced is better than that of the natural sand mortar

the calculation data shows that high-quality machine-made sand can fully improve the quality and service life of concrete, from the current theoretical value of 70 years to 100 years

at the same time, Zoomlion's "three in one/two in one" system solution has greatly reduced the discharge of dust, noise and sewage, achieved green and sustainable production under the promotion of the new Internet, and effectively protected the ecological environment through the design methods of overall full packaging, effective energy-saving and noise reduction equipment configuration, and waste water slurry recycling

resource conservation, intensive production, superior quality, green environmental protection and business model innovation indicate that with the launch of the "Trinity/two in one" system solution, the commercial and mixed industry will usher in a new round of industrial reform, and Zoomlion will once again stand in the forefront of industry development

at present, China's economy has entered the "new normal" of medium and high-speed development. Zoomlion's development practice tells us that only by continuously innovating technology, changing mode and upgrading advantages under the "new normal" can enterprises adapt to the new normal, control the new normal, and achieve new breakthroughs and new development under the new normal

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