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Successful case of packaging design in Hong Kong

Zhou Shengsheng Jinpu: the difference in style is very different

although the design emphasizes innovation, it does not conflict with the preservation of traditional culture. Zhou Shengsheng, an old-fashioned Jinpu in Hong Kong, not only retains the tradition, but also attracts young customers by strengthening the brand but also connecting with the times. Zhou Shengsheng's new store was originally called "dianjingxuan", but the response was not as ideal; The situation has changed a lot since it was renamed "dianjingpin". Jin Xie really achieved plug-in and test interpretation. Xuan gave the impression that it was a four treasures of study or a restaurant, which was difficult to associate with fine products. After re planning and packaging, it was renamed "dianjingpin", using fonts and trademarks more suitable for young people, and adopting the same style on packaging and decoration of retail outlets, so that the new image was accepted by young consumers. Because of this success, the parent company itself has decided to replace the "time-honored brands" with new packaging, including the design of new trademarks and the promotion of corporate image

Watsons distilled water: give new vitality to old brands

modern consumers catch up with some top aluminum processing and manufacturing enterprises, which have all-round capabilities from design to manufacturing and processing. What they want is a quality of life, a cultural and fashionable life. This combination has become today's brand culture. For example, the new packaging of Watsons distilled water, which has a history of 150 years, is the market positioning of the product -- it is designed to be popular and strive for life taste, retain inherent customers, and hope to attract a new generation of consumers. The overall feeling of the new design is that the product is by no means aging

madam oral liquid: highlighting "madam" is the brand

as a market leader, the purpose of the design is to promote the added value of the brand and extend the service life of the product and even the enterprise. Leaders should also lead in design and brand culture to avoid rusting the market. "Following the trend is not a long-term development strategy, and it may fall behind in a year and a half; and it will always be led by others." Madam oral liquid is an example of advanced development. The product is already a market leader, and the original packaging can also bring out the value of the product. However, the "Madam oral liquid" on the original packaging box seems to have more product names than brands, so the word "madam" is deliberately highlighted to make it a brand; Although the packaging retains the original color tone, it has changed the outer box and added a golden arc to enhance its beauty; Publicity also cooperates with the "new wife" to highlight the new image

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