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Technical disclosure of winch operation safety

1. The winch should be installed in a solid and stable place with good line of sight. Square wood should be used to cushion under the base, and a smash proof and rain proof working shed should be set up

2. The ground anchor of the winch must be set separately. Trees, electric poles and buildings are not allowed to replace the ground anchor. Two steel pipes should be laid on both sides of the base of the fixed winch to prevent the base from sliding left and right when in use

3. The guide pulley shall not use an open pulley, and the model of the steel wire rope shall be selected according to the load capacity. The steel wire rope shall not be dragged and bent in use, and the steel wire rope with exposed oil core and flattened shall not be used. The safety ring shall be kept on the drum for more than three circles and arranged neatly. When the winding drum steel wire rope is tangled, two people must cooperate to wind it. One person operates it and one person guides it by hand 5m away. It is strictly forbidden for one person to guide the winding with hands and feet to prevent accidents caused by the twisting of hands or feet

4. Before use, check whether the brake is sensitive, whether the winch, derrick and hanging disc are abnormal, whether the fuselage and derrick are firm and reliable, and whether the transmission parts are fully protected. Therefore, users must not think that the more you buy, the better. Whether the fasteners of each part are intact and reliable by pressing the "clamp" key. The operation can only be carried out after the inspection and test run are qualified. The driver must operate with a work license. The hanging pan is driven by a 1.5KW synchronous motor. It is strictly forbidden to take people up and down. Protective doors should be set before and after the hanging pan. An ultrahigh limiter is set 4m below the crown wheel of the lifting frame to prevent the lifting plate from toppling and pulling down the lifting frame

5. In case of power failure during work, the driver shall put the hanging disc on the ground and shall not hang it in mid air. After the work is completed, switch off the power and lock the switch box

6. Check the operation of steel wire rope, crown wheel and ground pulley every day and add oil once a week

7. After the driver must hear the contact signal clearly, Duan Qing, general manager of Shenzhen plastic Communication Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out: "high energy efficiency runs through plastic from raw materials, processing, and utilization. It is allowed to start the winch.

8. It is not allowed to drive without safety doors on the lifting cage and unloading platform

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