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Technical disclosure of safety operation procedures of concrete cutting machine

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1 Cut and improve the preparation level and scope of ceramic membrane materials for high-temperature flue gas and sewage treatment. The working mechanism on the cutting machine should ensure that the state and performance are normal, the installation is stable, and the fastening picture source: Wageningen is reliable

2. Before use, check and confirm that the motor and cable are normal, the protective grounding is good, the protective device is safe and effective, the selection of saw blade meets the requirements, and the installation is correct

3. After the tensile testing machine is started for a long time, it should run without load. Check and confirm that the saw blade is running in the correct direction, the lifting mechanism is flexible, and there is no abnormality or abnormal noise in the operation. It can be operated only after everything is normal

4. The operator should press the workpiece tightly with both hands and feed evenly. When pushing the cutting machine, do not use excessive force. Do not wear gloves during operation

5. The cutting thickness shall be in accordance with the provisions of the factory nameplate of the machine, and excessive thickness cutting is not allowed

6. The machined parts are delivered 300 ° away from the saw blade? When cutting small pieces of materials at L, special tools should be used for feeding, and it is not allowed to push materials directly by hand

7. During operation, when the workpiece has impact, jumping and abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and continue the operation after troubleshooting

8. It is strictly prohibited to inspect and repair all parts in the operation 10. Avoid scratching or corrosion of the guide rail surface screw rod. The debris on the sawing table and in the sawing gap of components should be removed in time with special tools, and it is not allowed to pick up or wipe it by hand

9 After operation, the machine body should be cleaned, the saw blade wiped dry, the remaining water in the water tank should be discharged, the cable should be recovered and stored in a dry and ventilated place

10. For machines that have been shelved for a long time, in addition to the necessary mechanical repair and maintenance, the insulation resistance of the motor must be measured before use

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